The interior of a home can make or break how it looks and feels. It is the first thing guests notice and can have a profound impact on their experience, so a high quality painting job is essential. Professional interior painters can ensure the perfect finish for your Winnipeg home. These experts can create a flawless look for walls, trim, and other surfaces that are easily visible to guests. They will also perform any needed repairs and prep work to ensure the paint sticks well.

The exterior of a house takes a beating from the weather, and a good coat of paint can do a lot to protect it. It can also help boost your home’s curb appeal, and a fresh coat of paint can really give it some life. Choosing the right colour for your Winnipeg home is also an important part of this project. Professionals will help you choose a colour that matches your style and suits the climate in the city. They can even provide a variety of finishes and textures for your new coat of paint.

A basic exterior house painting winnipeg painting job involves scraping, spot priming and then applying a coat of paint. But this is just the beginning of what it takes to get a long lasting, good-looking paint job in our harsh Winnipeg environment. Prep is the most important aspect of any job, and it is what sets professionals apart. They know how to prep surfaces so that they hold paint and resist moisture, wind, sun and snow. They understand the proper use of primers and sealers, and they are skilled in repairing rotted wood.

Many homeowners have a hard time choosing the right colours for their homes, and deciding what to do with old wallpaper is often another hurdle. But the professionals at CertaPro Painters(r) of Winnipeg West, MB can help with both of these issues. They can help you select a new color for your home’s exterior, and they can also strip and remove any existing wallpaper in your Winnipeg house.

These Winnipeg painting contractors can also do a number of other jobs that you might need around your house, including staining concrete floors and restoring stucco surfaces. They are also experienced in carpentry and minor repair, and they offer three years of labour warranty coverage on their commercial and residential projects. They also provide detailed and transparent pricing guides on their website, so that you can easily estimate how much your project will cost. They are RenovationFind Certified, which means they have passed a rigorous background check and meet industry standards. This gives you peace of mind that you’re hiring a company that is reputable and reliable. You can also rest assured that their workers are insured and bonded. They are also dedicated to delivering high-quality results and customer service. This makes them a great choice for any painting project you have in mind.